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CodeBluTM Medical Emergency Kits are designed to enable you to respond to a medical emergency in the office. Following College guidelines on preparing for a medical emergency, CodeBluTM Medical Kits offer built in medication expiry tracking and auto replenishment services through an auto renewing subscription service.

Epinephrine 1mg/ml
Diphenhydramine 50mg/ml
Salbutamol Inhaler 100 ug
Nitroglycerin pump spray 0.4mg
Aspirin®* 81mg, 30 tablets
Insta-Glucose® 31mg
CPR Mask
Protective Carry Case
Alcohol Wipes
Ammonia Inhalants

*Every 7 minutes in Canada someone dies from heart disease or stroke.  That's 206 people dying from cardiovascular disease and stroke every day1.

Health Canada advises we chew Aspirin® at the first signs of heart attack and save that 15 minutes while waiting for the paramedics arriving. In the event of a suspected heart attack, users should call 911, then chew and swallow two of the tablets2.
Aspirin® blocks the effect of platelets and may improve blood flow through the coronary arteries. Regular aspirin contains 325 mg of ASA, while two low-dose Aspirin® contain 162 mg, the dose required to block platelets. Aspirin® 81mg also dissolves quicker and thus be absorbed into the blood faster.
CodeBluTM Medical will supply Aspirin® in the 81mg format to allow for this recommended dosing. Our Emergency Kits  and Lighthouse replenishment services will be fulfilled with 81 mg Aspirin® pills.  To reach the right dose in an emergency situation it is recommended to take two (2) low dose Aspirin® pills of 81 mg.
Statistics Canada, 2011 - 2 Bayer Inc


Please note that by purchasing the CodeBluTM Medical Emergency Kit, you are also automatically subscribed to our Annual Subscription Service Plan which monitors your medications expiry dates. Continuous monitoring and uninterrupted medication replenishment services are important to keep your medications in date so they are ready should a medical emergency arise.

The annual subscription fee of $129.99 is charged on your purchase anniversary date and in addition to uninterrupted monitoring and replenishment services, you will enjoy the added BONUS of FREE SHIPPING on all of your auto replenish medications.

Should you wish to cancel your subscription service, you must submit the Subscription Cancellation Form online at least 30 days prior to your renewal.

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