I just placed my order, how long before it arrives?

Thank you for your order. Typically orders take 1-3 business days to ship as your medical professional status must be confirmed before we ship your order. Shipping time depends somewhat on where you live but is typically an additional 1-3 business days.

When will my replacement medications arrive?

We take very seriously our commitment to you to monitor all individual medication expiry dates. As such, we will prepare a shipment with any medications expiring and ship these to you BEFORE the old one expires. This way, you will never be caught with outdated medications in the event of a medical emergency.

I need other medications; how do I place an order?

CodeBluTM Medical is a full range medical emergency pharmaceutical and medical device company. You can view our entire suite of products, including oxygen and airway, defibrillators and other medications in our online store.

I made a mistake in placing my order, what should I do?

Please refer to our terms and conditions. You may also reach us by submitting a message online or by calling us as soon as possible at 1-844-494-8880.

My credit card was charged but I don’t remember making a purchase.

When purchasing CodeBluTM Medical Kits or additional medical emergency supplies, your order must be confirmed. A charge will appear on your credit card when your medical professional status has been confirmed. At this time, you will also receive an email confirming your order has been fulfilled. On the anniversary of your initial kit purchase, once per year, your credit card will be charged the annual subscription fee.

This annual fee ensures uninterrupted expiring monitoring and replenishment medication services. Should you wish to cancel your subscription service, please complete the Subscription Cancellation Form online and submit a minimum of 30 days prior to your renewal. 

Where can I get more information about my College guidelines?

Please refer to recommendations posted in Ontario and Quebec.

Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons Safe and Effective Office-Based Practices www.cpso.on.ca.

Colleges des Medecins du Quebec practice guidelines, Procédures et interventions en milieu extra hospitalier.  www.cmq.org/fr.aspx.

Will having a CodeBluTM Medical Kit impact my practice insurance rates?

Although there are no rebates for stocking a CodeBluTM Medical Emergency Kit, you may refer to the CMPA's article on "Preparing for a medical emergency — Anticipating the unexpected in an office or clinic" for more information on this topic.

I purchased my kit through my usual supplier, who do I call for customer service?

We do have a small number of authorized distributors, but your CodeBluTM Medical Kit, expiring monitoring services and replenishment services are provided directly by CodeBluTM Medical. To reach us you may submit your inquiry online or call us at 1-844-494-8880. 

I want to cancel my order; how do I do this?

Please refer to our terms and conditions. You may also reach us by calling us at 1-844-494-8880.

My order arrived and I am not satisfied.

We are sorry to hear this and will endeavour to correct any errors or omissions that may have occurred. Your satisfaction is paramount to us, please contact us at 1-844-494-8880.